2021 Callaho Online Auction | Winter Edition

Callaho is a Warmblood Horse breeding stud situated in the sweet thornveld savannas of the Kalahari Desert. Started 22 years ago with a handful of half-bred mares, our focus quickly evolved with the acquisition, over several years, of unique European mares most of whom had already produced or were very closely related to the dams of European, International or Olympic champions.

Taking our cue from the clear advantages which emerged from last year’s Online Auction experiment as well as the significant Callaho to Client synergies generated, we have decided not only to continue with this platform, but to further augment these benefits by splitting our collection into two biannual auctions, held 6 months apart. We at Callaho remain fully committed to our moral imperative. Our mandate of providing consummate quality with absolute transparency to our clients is non-negotiable.

It is with much excited anticipation that Callaho is finally able to reveal the “Full Monty” of our Winter Auction! This stunning collection of 20 sport-horses and two pregnant broodmares comprises the first half of our 2021 offering, the second half to be presented for sale at our Summer Auction in October. All the stats, photos and videos of them free-jumping and under saddle are now loaded and can be accessed either directly on this Callaho Auction platform or on Callaho’s YouTube channel.

Now with 22 years of experience and six years brewing, this concoction is simply BREEDING MAGIC!


We encourage anyone interested in the Callaho Winter Collection to visit the farm during the try out period from:

  •  Friday, 9th April to Sunday 9th May 2021

To book a try-out date or discuss suitable choices, please contact Annette Rousseau on 072 619 4764 or training@callaho.com.

 Click on the image to view the Online Catalogue


Bidding on all horses will begin Tuesday, May 11th from 09h00.

  • Lot 1 to Lot 11 closes from 18h30 - 20:10, Friday, May 14th
  • Lot 12 to Lot 22 closes from 18h30 - 20:10, Saturday, May 15th
  • Time remaining before bidding closes on each horse will be indicated on the horse's profile.

For more information about the auction schedule, please navigate to the "How to bid" tab


Latest news

The first half of Callaho’s Winter Collection receives a rousing round of applause
The first half of Callaho’s Winter Collection receives a rousing round of applause

- Dr Lizzie Harrison, Editor HQ

Breaking New Ground | Callaho Winter & Summer Online Auction
Breaking New Ground | Callaho Winter & Summer Online Auction

To all our Callaho clients, broader Callaho family and friends; we wish that the year ahead brings you top health ...

The Callaho Online Auction – a triumphant success
The Callaho Online Auction – a triumphant success

- Lizzie Harrison, Editor HQ Magazine

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