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Callaho is a Warmblood Sport Horse breeding stud situated in the sweet thornveld savannas of the Kalahari Desert. Started 24 years ago with a handful of half-bred mares, our focus quickly evolved with the acquisition, over several years, of unique European mares most of whom had already produced or were very closely related to the dams of European, International or Olympic champions.

From the very onset of our breeding endeavours, we resolved to unwaveringly adhere to three principles:

  • Aspire to breed the very best athletes our resources will allow
  • Deliver excellent value to our clients 
  • To never, but never, compromise on our integrity

To this end we make every effort to inform our clients of all information related to the horses’ veterinary history and current health status. This includes an up-to-date, comprehensive veterinary and radiological assessment. Together with an aptitude and rideability evaluation, this information is readily available in its entirety.

Our Callaho adage, “Breeding Magic”, has never been more apt and truly finds expression in our Auction Collection.

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