It is currently not possible to export horses directly to the EU as a result of an embargo that has been in place since 2011. This came about because of the incidence of AHS in our control area during that year. As a result, export is only currently possible via Mauritius.


The process involves:

  • 16 days Stopover quarantine (if applicable) to move the horse to Cape Town
  • 21 days quarantine in Cape Town
  • 90 days quarantine in Mauritius
  • No restrictions for movement within the EU


Onward destinations

EU acts as a hub for onward shipment to other countries like the USA and Australia. Residencies between 30 and 90 days in the EU are required for each specific country as well as additional testing.


For more details contact Hobday Equestrian Enterprises on:

Jeanne Badenhorst | 083 302 5100 | admin@hee.co.za

Rina Linke | 066 065 7230 | info@hee.co.za

Candice Hobday | 082 320 6724 | candice@hee.co.za

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