2022 Callaho Online Auction | Summer Edition
This is the collection we’ve all been looking forward to!

2022 Callaho Online Auction | Summer Edition

Ended on Oct 15, 2022, 8:10 PM

3 Broodmares, 16 Sport horses

These are premium athletes and reflect to a ‘T’ our breeding philosophy: only the best ingredients - our bloodlines, our people, and relentless puissance.

Some would call it BREEDING MAGIC


      1 | This year we are presenting pregnant broodmares for sale during the breeding season, before sufficient time has elapsed for a 60 day confirmation of pregnancy. We will therefore be auctioning these mares with a full pregnancy-or-moneyback guarantee. A deposit will be required to secure the purchase but the sale will only be concluded once the mare is confirmed in foal at 60 days. Anyone interested in these mares please refer to our SPECIAL BROODMARE PURCHASE TERMS.

     2 | It is with regret that we have decided to withdraw Lot 20, Callaho Con Velocé, from this Auction. His final clinical examination concluded that there may be underlying factors which first need to be fully assessed and resolved before we can present him for sale with our full confidence. We sincerely apologize to any clients who may be disappointed but are certain that he will be cleared, with a first-class vetting, for our May 2023 auction.

Status: Closed
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Ended auctions

Callaho Cascoletto

1 | Callaho Cascoletto

Casparon / Contendro I / Caletto I

°24-02-2018 Gelding 164cm | 16.1hh Sport horse

Callaho Carmen

2 | Callaho Carmen

Carnaval La Silla / Optimum vd Wellington / Bambix

°06-11-2017 Mare 158cm |15.3hh Sport horse

Callaho Hermes

3 | Callaho Hermes

Herald III / Argentinus / Landadel

°09-11-2017 Gelding 168cm | 16.2hh Sport horse

Callaho Diva Dene

4 | Callaho Diva Dene

Cascadello I / Ryon D' Anzex AA / Impulsif AA

°20-06-2017 Mare 163cm | 16.1hh Sport horse

Callaho Leika

5 | Callaho Leika

Lissabon / Fidertanz / Stedinger

°21-10-2014 Mare 168cm |16.2hh Broodmare
In foal to Callaho's Benico

Callaho Samurai

6 | Callaho Samurai

Sampras / Epsom Gesmeray / Aldatus Z

°01-11-2017 Gelding 172cm |17.0hh Sport horse

Callaho Condelo

7 | Callaho Condelo

Con Coriano / Acord II / Wanderer

°23-11-2017 Gelding 173cm |17.0hh Sport horse

Callaho Esclava

8 | Callaho Esclava

Esclavo FM / Benicio / De Niro

°27-09-2017 Mare 166cm | 16.1hh Sport horse

Callaho Concali

9 | Callaho Concali

Con Coriano / Calido I / Stakkato

°07-01-2018 Mare 164cm | 16.1hh Sport horse

Callaho Rainer K

10 | Callaho Rainer K

Cartier / Lissabon / Cassini I

°22-03-2018 Gelding 169cm | 16.3hh Sport horse

Callaho Lars

11 | Callaho Lars

Larison / Clinton / Quidam de Revel

°04-02-2018 Gelding 175cm |17.1hh Sport horse

Callaho Con d'Elle

12 | Callaho Con d'Elle

Con Coriano / Flipper d' Elle / Argentinus

°11-02-2018 Mare 164cm | 16.1hh Sport horse

Callaho Carisco

13 | Callaho Carisco

Carnaval La Silla / Quick Star / Jalisco B

°05-11-2017 Gelding 164cm | 16.1hh Sport horse

Callaho Havana

14 | Callaho Havana

Herald III / Con Coriano / Calando I

°05-11-2017 Mare 170cm |16.3hh Sport horse

Callaho Latoya

15 | Callaho Latoya

Lissabon / Fürst Romancier / Charon

°09-10-2016 Mare 162cm | 16.0hh Broodmare
IFT Callaho's Larison

Callaho Skylar

16 | Callaho Skylar

Sampras / Carpaccio / Heraldik xx

°09-12-2017 Mare 163cm | 16.1hh Broodmare
In foal to Callaho's Con Coriano

Callaho El Greco

17 | Callaho El Greco

Equinox De Chalusse / Casparon / Argentinus

°19-10-2017 Gelding 176cm |17.2hh Sport horse

Callaho Tolkien

18 | Callaho Tolkien

Tolano Van't Riethof / Con Coriano / Calando I

°29-12-2017 Gelding 164cm | 16.1hh Sport horse

Callaho Corinthia

19 | Callaho Corinthia

Corinth / Vulkano / Quidam's Rubin

°10-02-2018 Mare 168cm |16.2hh Sport horse

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